video games aren't fun anymore. -

video games aren’t fun anymore.

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Sorry this video is a bit more serious, next video is a return to form. I just felt like I needed to talk about this heading into the rest of 2022. Hopefully my story resonates with a few people, and hopefully i’ve convinced you to try out some other genres of games.


I’ve been playing video games for, as long as I can remember. I can remember the first time I held a controller in my hands vividly. The sheer size of the Duke way too massive for me at the time, but all that was just background noise in my head compared to the fresh sights and sounds of what is now my second favorite entry in my favorite franchise ever. Gaming during this time period was, limitless. I had no concept of developer or hardware restrictions, the limits of pre-generated responses from NPC’s or content in the game to consume. Halo was an infinite universe to create in and experience, Spyro had no end to the amount of dragons I could rescue, hell I can remember using an action replay in Pokemon Platinum, using the walk through walls cheat, and accidentally finding shaymin at the end of this long path of flowers.

Come early 2021 it was time for me to upgrade, and after managing to walk into a best buy and just randomly come across a 3090 that I wasn’t even looking to buy at the time, I knew it was time to go all out. I managed to get a 5950x, the best motherboard I could buy at the time, and some sick RAM, there were NO compromises to this system, besides the fans I was running out of money. I built the computer, ran some benchmarks, and then didn’t play any games. At first I assumed I was just unmotivated, or maybe even burnt out, but over time I came to realize that I just wasn’t enjoying games anymore. I got scared, scared that I spent all of this money on a hobby I wasn’t interested in anymore, scared that the youtube channel I wanted to start was already dead in the water, scared that I’d be giving up a huge part of what formed my online identity.

I calmed myself down, and took a step back. It makes sense that I’d start feeling this way about gaming, doing anything pretty much every day for long enough would ultimately become mundane and boring, what can I do to have fun with playing games again. For awhile I was stumped, but during my time I decided to just take a break and work on my Ultrakill video, and while that was technically still gaming, it was mostly for work and I could take the time to figure out what I wanted to really do about my problem.

What I found though is that as I was taking a break from playing games for the most part, my desire to play them started rising again. But once I actually managed to get into a game and started playing, my desire to continue playing them would immediately fall, and I’d get off of it within 30 minutes.

What I came to realize is that I had no variety in what I was playing. I would get on my computer and boot up the same FPS games, or just open up Minecraft, which I’ve been playing for years as well. I decided to actually take the the time and figure out other genres of games I could play, and I’ve never been happier for it. I realized that what I was experiencing overall wasn’t me not finding games fun anymore, I just wasn’t finding FPS games as interesting.

Throughout 2021 I decided to take the effort to branch out into different video games, and what I learned was that I still enjoyed playing video games, I just needed a breath of fresh air. I played games like Forza Horizon, Monster Hunter, Ghostrunner, Spent some time on Spyro, replayed Sonic Generations, Sonic Unleashed, Cities Skylines, Dark Souls, Demon Souls, all of these games made me appreciate just, playing playing games in general, and reignited my love for the hobby.

This peaked when Halo Infinite was released. For 6 years I waited for a follow up to Halo 5, I watched any lore video I could come across, scoured reddit posts and twitter threads that discussed what would happen in this game and tried keeping up with the game as much as I possibly could. I’ve already talked about Halo a lot on my channel, so keep my bias in mind, but this game gave me hope for new releases. Did I have issues with Halo Infinite’s campaign, of course, but how GOOD the gameplay was kept me from noticing them as much as I could have.


  1. I remember not being able to play any of the games I liked before and it really sucked but I ended up coming across the game yakuza 0 and holy shit this whole series made me love games again

  2. we need another game everybody plays and every youtuber makes videos about like minecraft, fortnite or warzone in 2020 for gaming to be fun again. Just another huge hype game

  3. I thought the title was click bait.

  4. agreed immediately as soon as i saw the title, felt this way for years now D: as a gamer since about 2yrs old, it is very sad…

  5. Only games I really enjoy nowadays are horror games, and not the jumpscare in your face constantly type ones, amnesia is one of my favorites.

  6. I generally love video games, I love coding, and I'm trying to learn how to draw better and make music!
    How I keep playing video games is because, I take breaks, up to about a month long. It's really helpful!

    Here's another thing, find more varieties of games, try perfecting your skills in games, or trying new things in games!
    Hell, play a board game, find new hobbies, do something productive! Don't just play game, after game, after game, it gets boring.

    Take time for yourself doing something else! I really hope this advice was useful, thanks for reading.

  7. I took a 6 month break and came back and now I’m playing games just like my 12 year old self again, I feel absolutely like a child all over and I’m 18. Taking breaks does work, that’s coming from me obviously so don’t take my word for it

  8. What about try find a new game

    Then you get the mood to play games again

    But you have go it daily when you finish the game

  9. You'll be barely able to experience them because of their prices, the storage and Internet they need to download and install, Price of the Consoles/PCs, Annoying gameplay that more looks like a movie than a game, Invisible walls, Less Freedom, Boring tasks, Old Games were highly moddable but you can only change the player model or install trainers in some of the new games and the others are completely unmoddable, AAA companies are uuf, I really don't know how to describe them, and even the Indie teams are paying less attention these days and most of their games are becoming the same game as the other one.
    The Graphics aren't making the games better, They're destroying the Controls, To be honest, Begging for more realistic games was and "is" gamers' biggest fault, Because it made video games give less sandbox feeling. The only thing that some of the modern games do is pleasuring your eyes with realistic Graphics/Details, But they will never have the fun that games had back in late 1990s/early 2000s.
    Multiplayer games or MP Parts of the games were fun in everything, Online Racing, DM & TDM (Which is almost gone), They're now Complicated, Ranks, Battle Passes, Perks, etc… that most gamers can't understand, Back then You could Choose your character, weapon and click on the play button, No skins or else required real money to buy, and much more.
    For example, Just compare a game like Half-Life with a recent Call of Duty game or else, You'll get What do I mean.

  10. My guess is that people with money realized how much money they could make off games. Gaming devs chose to join them for funding, then the people funding them forced changes to make sure the big green number goes higher. That means mechanics encouraging the purchase of premium currency and trying to extend playtime with minimal work spend on the game, such as implementing excessive farming. Players spend a lot of time on the same thing over and over, and if they want to skip it, they pay extra money.

  11. the title says "video games aren't fun anymore" but the video contents are "I got bored of playing only fps games and I branched out and wasn't bored anymore"

  12. To me atleast, deviation games seems to be the only gaming business that has passion. Other business and stuff most likely have passion but deviation games just feels like it has people who want to make games and have the gamer’s wants in a game in mind

  13. And that's why i moved on to Board Games

    No jokes, Board Games are funnier and it's just better to play with friends by your side or something like that

  14. i really appreciate this video. thank you, stryxo. i also subscribed, and i intend to watch your videos now. thank you for the inspiration <3

  15. its a combination of things as you get older you find doing the same thing boring. video games lack originality now all copy and paste games with nicer graphics

  16. Correction: New video games aren't fun any more. Playing Mario Galaxy in 2022 is still just as amazing as it was in 2007

  17. Whenever I say "I'm gonna play my game today" there is a hint of stress on me cause I'm going to have to deal with doing things a certain way, which isn't fun

  18. Huh. So I thought, this is some meta commentary about how developers aren't making games for entertainment but rather to reap from the masses, similar to the downfall of the music industry.
    I never thought this is a problem someone could have, myself having ADHD I find it extremely hard not to play games a lot.

  19. The thing is about gaming.. Is that when u get ur dream setup that has a high end PC u can play nearly every game with good graphics eventhough its fun having lag and those things at some times it might not be but yeah

  20. Yes finally, I agree so much
    They ruin games now
    Gears of war

  21. other games yeah but minecraft i never get board

  22. Finally somebody who also think video games aren’t fun anymore

  23. too you guys but I only play 1 game because I'm on a laggy ah laptop with like 12 GB of space can't play shi

  24. I've been feeling this recently, (about the last 4-ish months) and what I don't like about about that feeling is that it makes me feel like I don't appreciate it. I have a VR headset, something that feels like a step into the future, a step into a different world, but maybe my hype before getting it, or playing it so much when I first had it, but, unless I have people over, I barely play what feels like an amazing piece of my life, and has givin me great games

  25. Your thumbnail makes it look like yours is a Minecraft video and misrepresents the mature/graphic violent content of the video.

  26. maybe im wrong but i think its called "aging". you know, when you grow up?

  27. It’s because games are too easy for all of us it’s way too easy for me for dark so so technically I can be any game I really want to

  28. The only reason I enjoy video games right now is because I don’t get to experience them at their fullest.

  29. I Can Relate With You Bud..🤞
    I Also Started To Lose Interest In Gaming..
    Infact, I Almost Quit Gaming Until I Started Exploring Choices-Based Games
    For Eg: The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Life Is Strange, etc.
    I Started Playing Other Choices Based Games..
    And Guess What..
    These Games Gained My Interest Again
    Sometimes You Just Need A Little Bit Of Spark..😉

  30. Low end gamers like me will never get somthing new to play execpt mario

  31. 7 years ago i would 9 times out of 10 commit genocide just to feel a playstation 3 controller. Now I no longer have interest in most video games unless im playing with all my friends. 3 years ago I had 600+ hours on Breath of the Wild, now im immediately bored by playing any and all video games. Im still saving up money for the PC of my dreams to this day, im just hoping the spark of gaming lights back up before its too late and i spend that money on something i’ll regret. I dont know what to do

  32. "video games aren't fun anymore" me chilling with doom eternal

  33. list of varied games i like for those with this problem:

    hollow knight – really good metroidvania
    factorio – amazing factory building sandbox game, but maybe avoid this one if you want to do anything else for the next 48 hours
    portal 2 – favorite game of all time, amazing puzzles
    metro exodus – if your pc can run it, it's really good
    pretty much any doom game – not the deepest of experiences, but very fun and difficult
    a hat in time – great mario-64 like with a surprising amount of content
    rimworld – colony building game, enough mods to make a second game
    stardew valley – only farming game I've ever enjoyed
    dishonored – great stealth/story fps, cool choices, second one if you like it enough
    prey (2017) – similar to dishonored, by the same people, but more of a spiritual successor to:
    bioshock – 1 and 2, recommend the originals rather than the remasters if you can get them to run on your computer. all time classic
    terraria – pretty well-known 2d sandbox game, lots of bossfights and another game with tons of mods
    enter the gungeon – funny top-down twinstick shooter roguelike. even if you don't know what some of those words mean, still great game
    outer wilds – not to be confused with the outer worlds. cannot recommend this enough. story driven roguelike. DO NOT SPOIL YOURSELF.
    valheim – terraria but 3d and viking themed. also really good.
    octodad: dadliest catch – hilarious rage-game. there is no reason this has such a low metacritic score, it's a great game.
    project zomboid – tough-as-nails zombie apocalypses survival game with permadeath.
    vessel – difficult indie 2d puzzle game. very thematic, might require some looking-up.
    control – cool 3rd person shooter with a bizarre story and cool brutalist architecture, if that's your thing. made by the people who made alan wake.
    dead space – all time classic, really scary if it's your first time playing. slightly less scary once you get a certain weapon.
    goat simulator – sadly somewhat short on content, but still entertaining to play around with for a while.
    slime rancher – ok maybe i lied about stardew valley. much more chill than some other games on this list.
    stanley parable – funny story-driven game about a guy in an office
    singularity – relatively little-known linear fps that still holds up today. also a little bit scary.
    spelunky – one of the few "rage games" i like. platformer roguelike
    the swapper – difficult 2d puzzle game with a dark story and some pretty cool graphics.
    deus ex: human revolution – good story driven semi-linear rpg fps game. not too groundbreaking, but still fun.
    dark souls series – reaaally hard if you don't know what you're doing, but you figure things out eventually. interesting story, mechanics, and really good combat.
    titanfall 2 – movement shooter to end all movement shooters. if you're having server problems, look into the northstar client- community hosted servers
    ultrakill – doom with a retro 3d style. nuff said.

    and that's it, I've gone through almost all the major games in my steam library. hope this helps

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