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Hey my lovely, I’m Wendy and I’m a Cozy Gaming Blogger. I enjoy playing, researching and writing about cozy indie games for Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and mobile.


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  1. Gorilla tag (vr game), Rec room, Job Simulator, Animal Crossing,FNAF

  2. Animal Crossing
    Among us
    Mario Kart (I live for Mario kart)
    Pokémon games
    Stardew Valley

  3. Roblox


    Brawl stars

    Today boca

    Magic tails 3

    Snake. io

    Aquarium land



  4. animal crossing new horizons, legendof zelda breath pof the wild, legend of zelda tears of the kingdom, genshin impact, splatoon 2, roblox,and idk the rest

  5. roblox, minecraft, osu!, mario kart 8, mario kart DS, hidden cats in new york, x-plane 11 and fc mobile

  6. roblox, val, ow2, sims 4, minecraft, fortnite (help) and i really want omori & stardew valley:)

  7. 1. Roblox
    7. Roblox
    8. Roblox

  8. Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.

    (I can’t think of the other one 💀)

  9. Zelda Botw, Zelda Totk, Zelda OOT, Zelda Minish cap, Zelda LTTP, Zelda TP, Zelda Skyward Sword, Zelda windwaker,

  10. Hogwarts legacy, animal crossing, Roblox, lemon cake

  11. Roblox, Minecraft, FNAF 1, FNAF 2, FNAF sister location, Fortnite ig, Mario party, civilization 6

  12. 1.roblox
    3.clash of clans
    4. Call of duty
    6.the wolf
    7.gun of boom
    8.ragdoll stick

  13. animal restraunt, animal crossing, roblox, monika after story, sakura school sim, harvest town, good pizza great pizza, pong, gl2

  14. Smash bros, resortopia, stacky bird, cat spa, boba story, Roblox, Mario kart, animal crossing

  15. minecraft (I love doing cosy survivals), stardew valley, unpacking, acnh, genshin impact, human fall flat (not exactly cosy, but I still love it)

    can't think of any more lol

  16. 1. Roblox
    2. Minecraft
    3. Rec Room
    4. 2 Player Games
    5. SketchBook
    6. Capybara Clicker
    7. Power Pamplona
    8. Toca Boca

  17. Roblox, Minecraft, genshin impact, TOCA LIFE WORLD, SIMS 4, Fortnite

    I can’t think of any more 😭

  18. Roblox, Minecraft, animal crossing, Wordle, wood something, cozy grove, Mario cart

  19. 1. Kyle is famous 2. Storyteller 3. The purrfect apawcalypse 4. The henry stickmin collection 5.totally accurate battle simulator 6. Unpacking 7. Geometry dash

  20. Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Toca Boca, Roblox, Paperio2, Decor Life, MarioKart and no more❤

  21. Roblox, genshin impact, fortnite, minecraft, help wanted 2 and 1, security breach, fnaf 6🙂

  22. brawl stars,roblox,clash mini no need for more

  23. Roblox, all nintendo games, microsoft playstore 💀

  24. Super Smash Bros Zelda breath of the wild Fall Guys in Roblox

  25. Roblox, pkxd, toca boca, sakura school similator, gacha club, gacha life 2,gacha life, among us😊

  26. Minecraft,roblox,cod mobile,cod ghost,cod warzone,opbr and dragon city

  27. Omori danganronpa animal crossing thats all

  28. recroom gorrila tag bigscary spiritfarer minecraft sims4 i cannot think of anymore

  29. Mario kart,Roblox,MineCraft,tocaWorld,animal crossing

  30. Roblox, avatar world,toca boca, find out, minecraft, ibis paint, procreate, Pinterest, 🍉

  31. Roblox, Roblox, Roblox, Roblox, Roblox, Roblox, Roblox, Roblox!!!

  32. Genshin Impact ,Toca Boca ,Roblox, Pizza ready ,Burger please ,Tom gold run ,stack,paper.io.2

  33. Gta V, Minecraft, Skyrim, Apex Legends, Red Dead Redemption 2, Cities Skylines and Tekken (any).

  34. sims 4, roblox, bitlife, granny, stardew valley, and… uh, im stuck

  35. Pokemon (any), minecraft, fallout new vegas, monster hunter world, elden ring, code vein, BG3, red dead redemption 2

  36. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Sonic Origins, Super Mario All-Stars, Pokemon Red/Blue, Star Wars Battlefront (2004), Star Wars Battlefront II (2005), Friday Night Funkin’, and Batman: Arkham Knight

  37. GTA V, GTA V, GTA V, GTA V, GTA V, GTA V, GTA V, and GTA V

  38. Genshin impact, animal crossing, old friends, sweet days,we:ue (roblox), canine odyssey (roblox)

  39. Fortnite, SNES (for Nintendo Switch), Splatoon 2

  40. Why is no one talking about roblox?? 😭

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