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What Is The Greatest Game of All Time

Jonny RaZeR
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What Is The Greatest Game of All Time
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  1. Super Mario bros because it saved Video Games

  2. here are the best games (not in order)
    Red dead redemption 2
    Red dead redemption
    gta 5
    gta online

  3. It's Roblox

    1) for all ages
    2) can play anything you want
    3)playable on PC, mobile, and console
    4)free and accessible to everyone

  4. This seems like a stupid and obvious thing to say but no one has mentioned how Roblox can just be any type of game?

  5. Terraria is the best

    -great gameplay

    -awesome bosses

    -very good soundtrack

    -great replayability with mods

    -nice lore beacuse of the recently made lore book

  6. For me, it’s got to be Persona 5 Royal. It’s just plain fun, it’s got a good amount of funny moments, the OST is unbelievable. But the characters and the story, only game to make me cry. Multiple times. Very hard.

  7. The greatest game of all time is the friends we made along the way.

  8. Celeste on top, amazing soundtrack, amazing and challenging gameplay, and an amazing story. Plus after beating it there is much more to do

  9. Subnautica, goodstory, very open, amazing soundtrack

  10. Here is my list

    Sales: Minecraft
    World: Breath of the Wild
    Atmosphere: RDR2
    Story: Halos CE-Reach
    Music: Also Minecraft

  11. Me, a full-on Octopath Traveler 2 fan: Let me introduce you…

  12. No, I’ve only ever played a Super Monkey Ball game once on one of those old Game Demo setups that they USED to have at Walmart, but I think I might agree. 😝
    Personally though, I can’t really decide on a criteria in the first place.
    Like, I beat Tears of the Kingdom, and that was awesome, but I also have a lot of fun faffing about on Minecraft modpacks or Bethesda games…
    I also want to get into Bauldur’s Gate 3….

  13. Legend of zelda wind waker. After the first little bit it’s open world, there are a bunch of things to do on the side, the story is fun, the graphics are adorable, and it is probably my favorite video game soundtrack

  14. Deltarune>

    Im just a weirdo deltarune fan now get away from me

  15. In my opinion it is Rdr2. It has a huge open world, incredible acting, beautiful graphics, great soundtrack, and a long story. It sold 55 million units around the world and it won game of the year. I know It’s a very debatable opinion but it’s mine and I will always stand by it.

  16. ok hear me out: titanfall 2

    story: the story was short, yes. but if u played it u felt emotional at the end and ur lying if u say u didnt

    multiplayer: recently (as in a week or 2 ago) the servers wer fixed and the multiplayer is playable again! but despite that the multiplayer is genuinely fun. u need legitimate skill to be better. nothing is insanly overpower (besides the CAR and smart pistol) and the micro transactions are purely cosmetic.

    for those reasons, titanfall 2 is the best game out there

  17. Metal gear solid 5, play however you want, open world with great attention to detail, amazing complicated story, and a baller soundtrack.

  18. You never specified video game so my vote goes for tag or hide and seek

  19. It’s portal it has a great storyline and it has deep lore about GLaDOS and cave Johnson and how portal is connected to half-life there is so much more I want to say

  20. Hollow knight: banger soundtrack, amazing gameplay, complex story, it also gives you a challenge unlike botw, the map is amazing, and really good character design


  22. Guyth, the bethst game ith obiouthly Robloxth 🤓

  23. Super monkey Ball adventure game what the heck

  24. Top 5
    Zelda Ocarina of time.
    GTA San Andreas.
    Kingdom Hearts.
    Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

    No list even comes close.

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