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What’s the best game with a ginger protagonist? The Best Games Ever Show

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Welcome to the Best Games Ever show Episode 52: the best game with a ginger protagonist.

Cal Kestis of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is just the latest in a long line of Gaming Redheads, an esteemed group that includes such celebrated characters as Official Femshep, Joanna Dark, and what’s-her-face out of Heavenly Sword. And it makes me swell with pride to see this proud tradition continuing.

There are more ginger video game characters than there are people in Wales. Probably. I haven’t done the numbers. For a group that makes up less than two percent of the global population, we do extraordinarily well at getting ourselves on screen. But which is the best game with a Ginger protagonist? Our panellists, as we’ve discussed, have a bounty of options for this one. But which redheaded games stand above the rest? And how exactly is everyone interpreting the word “ginger”? Who, out of Kelsey, Connor, and Tom, is going to be this week’s biggest smart-arse?


  1. I know you're looking for suggestions, but how about 'The Best Team Management Games that aren't Football Manager/CM?'. Tom Orry recurrent picks have done more to destroy my nostalgic love of CM 01/02 in a few weeks, than my decade(s) of indifference to the recent footy manager games (with the exception of the first FM mobile game, where I ruined some finite minutes of my life on this proto-AI bollocks).

  2. Best game that generated hype during E3/showcases that ended up being dreadful on release

  3. Ooh, do best game where you manage a football team! I'll even accept managing a soccer team.

  4. I'm bald and I love cats and hate football. Every single thing Connor said about cats is 100% wrong

  5. This podcast never disappoints – some (possibly shit) ideas for you…

    1. Best game where the protagonist leads a secret life
    2. Best game where you play a professional sport (tom bait)
    3. Best game with amazing fashion choices.
    4. Best game with a pirate in it
    5. Best game where the protagonist can get drunk

  6. Suggestion 2: best game where you dont commit any crimes (in game or IRL english law)

    PS Link steals so much shit in zelda

  7. What's the best management game that isn't Football Manager? 😀

  8. Regarding video suggestions:
    "The best game where you misappropriate a tool". So using a tool for a purpose it was not intended like the Chainsaw in Doom or using the Master Sword to fell trees or mine ore in Breath of the Wild.

  9. the vegan formerly known as I. Browse says:

    Stray would surely count, wouldn't it?
    (edit: damn, I thought I was being original here)
    Anyway you could also pick Starfox and Crash Bandicoot, kinda weird that nobody did

  10. Best Game with a Scottish Character/Accent

  11. Best Game that has nothing to do with Football or the Management, not because I want to stop the streak but want to see it go on in spite of the adversity!

  12. Podcast suggestion: Best game where an angry Scottish bloke absolutely mugs off his boss every week.

  13. Best game with the best death animations
    Best game with the worst protagonist
    Best game that's a sequel to a bad game
    Best game where you can pet an animal
    Best game that is a reboot
    Best game that you put more than 200 hours into
    Best DLC in a bad game
    Best game with an actor who clearly didn't know what the job was
    Best game where you play as an animal

  14. Stray is their worst game and overhyped/carried by cat lovers. Just take the emotion out of it for 2 minutes

  15. Best game that's worth no more than £5.99

  16. Best Game that contains a character who smokes like a chimney

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