What’s the Best Video Game🎮🔥??? #shorts #viral #videogames #fortnite #trending #xbox #ps5 - bestgamewiki.com

What’s the Best Video Game🎮🔥??? #shorts #viral #videogames #fortnite #trending #xbox #ps5

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  1. Bro…. Your family is dead and you're "vibing" 💀

  2. Dude robbed entire house just to know what the best video game is……..yeah.

  3. – whats the best video game ever?
    – Genshin impact💀💀

  4. I feel terrible for the whole family 😭😔 Every game they mentioned was a straight 4-6/10

    The Robber must be partially brain damaged to kill for Madden's rep of all things

    If I was in the robbers shoes Bruv would need to play/call out a REAL videogame😂 not just digital version of things I can do outside like sports, & joining the COD

  5. This man the king of hot takes. Respect

  6. I’m still waiting for him to shoot the guy

  7. Bro vibes over his family’s dead corpses💀

  8. "Madden"
    Me to robber and last family member: 💥🔫🤨

  9. İ know it its red dead redemption 2🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  10. Bro is vibing after his whole family got muderd and emoting💀💀💀

  11. What about the mom 💀

  12. His family is dead and he just vibing which the killer💀

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