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Which Assassin’s Creed Game Is The Best? | Ranking The AC Games (2021)

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  1. I have never ever played any of the AC games. I wanna try it but I'm never gonna play all of them. Which one would you recommend?

  2. the list should be 1 valhala 2 odyssey 3 origins the rest are all trash so is this guys opinion

  3. Ac 1 is great bc it was made when these radical leftist were still in hiding


  5. Completely agree with the list..
    ac 2 is always going to the all time fav

  6. Unity had a great campaign and has few bugs now, one of my favorites

  7. Assassin's creed brotherhood also had assassin's towers,not only assassin's creed rogue

  8. I stopped playing AC after Brotherhood….something inside me knew it wasnt getting any better….maybe one day i ll play revelations

  9. Sorry I love Odyssey, it is so big that you feel like you will never run out of missions. Idc about to actual creed. I care about the character and the game play. Most AC games I am let down when I finish the main story. Odyssey has so much to it that running out of stuff to do isn't a worry. Pay attention to the ranks and stats and you are good. Difficult to get going and figure out how to play but when you do nothing touches it.

  10. I also LOVED brotherhood. Exploring Rome in detail was epic. How it brought the story together of a loved hero, so meaningful. It may be discredited as AC 2.5, but it’s a complete game and so good. And I just love that era.

  11. Feudal Kyoto and the Ikko Ikki are a no-brainer setting and would be universally loved, everyone loves Ninja and Samurai. But we get… Ancient Greece? Vikings? Pirates?

  12. AC rougue, so underrated yet a great game. People just didnt quite understand how the story goes.

  13. For me, moving towards RPG mechanics is what saved the franchise. AC Origins and Odyssey are 2 of my favorite games ever

  14. I always end up rating unity as my least favorite, not for any narrative reasons, or even the bugs. I was so thoroughly bored when I played it. I kept asking myself, when is this going to end?! I have actually played syndicate and even odyssey a second time. Can't bring myself to do that with rogue and unity.

  15. Unity, 2/Brotherhood, 3. All with flaws and far from perfect. But the best overall combination of elements that defined the series.

    Origins and after aren't AC. They're bad Witcher 3/Dark Souls knock offs.

  16. Unpopular Opinion: Im not a huge fan of AC 2. Normally, if anyone says this, everyone backlashes with "best story of the series". Alright, I agree with that, no doubt, but what else? The graphics surely haven't aged too well, and it had quite boring side quests (I'll admit the Assassin Tombs were interesting, but that's all). Romagna/Forli was perhaps the most useless map in the AC franchise, it's just a dull wasteland looking like it had come from 10 Tsunamis. Combat wasn't clunky, but rather time consuming (improved upon in AC Brotherhood). Some of the many reasons I prefer Brotherhood, Revelations and Black Flag over AC II.

  17. Ppl have this thing that older games or simply the first game out of 12 is better, thats simply stupid!! A game comes out and its good, year later we have 12th game of the series! Years passed, maybe a new console is out! Graphics are so much better! Story is longer, world is HUGE, so this game is obviously better than the game that came out years ago but ppl think saying the first game is better makes them look smart! The ones that actually believe it are just morons! Ppl are so wired! Black flag is number 1, Valhalla is number 2. Thats it!

  18. There’s been three version of liberation (vita, ps3 and PS4)

    When are we getting black flag on the ps5?

    And an upgraded AC 1

  19. U know when a people dont undestand about ac when he puts ac rogue in 10, wtf man, u put ac unity better than rogue, what do u smoke ?

  20. My favourite is Ac Rogue,
    Its my all time favourite, sure it has its wrongs. But i felt very emotionnaly invested in it.
    However i believe overall revelation and brotherhood are the best. As someone who discovered them with the Ezio collection. It felt so good to see what made assassin's creed so succesful and what made this franchise so special. Revelations combats system whas fun and really refreshing. It's a pity we didn't had the hook blade in later games.

  21. So I’m someone that really wants to get into the franchise. Never played an AC game before but the combat and movement looks like a blast. I also am a killer for scenery and open world based games. I would really appreciate input on what game you think I should try first?

  22. 1. Assassin’s Creed II: Favorite game of all time.

    2. Assassin’s Creed III: How often does your favorite game series release a game where the protagonist has the same name as you? It's also one of my favorite time periods so it was cool to see the world.

    3. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag: The most groundbreaking entry. The pirate gameplay greatly lifts this game above most others. I’d say it’s a better game than AC2 or AC3 but I just have such a personal connection to those that they have to be a bit higher.

    4. Assassin’s Creed Origins: This is what PS4 Assassin’s Creed is at it’s finest. A huge world, an awesome protagonist and story. A great breath of fresh air.

    5. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood: A great sequel to 2 with an awesome map and fun combat. The brotherhood aspect added a nice dimension to the game I thought.

    6. Assassin’s Creed: Rogue: It absolutely doesn’t compare to Black Flag, but the naval system does set Rogue above many other games that don’t offer it. I personally love sailing through the frozen Atlantic just as much and I enjoy sailing through both. The story ties up the Colonial trilogy nicely as well.

    7. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations: The story really carries this one as it doesn’t have as much gameplay as the other OG games. The hook blade is awesome though and I’ll come back to this one just to zip through the streets of Constantinople.

    8. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey: This is a tricky one. I haven’t beaten it yet (I’ve been procrastinating) but I’ve enjoyed the story so far. It just bothers me that there’s so many choices. Assassin’s Creed is supposed to be history that happened, not a multiple choice RPG. The world is gorgeous!

    9. Assassin’s Creed: Unity: It was a few years before I played Unity, and it was fixed by the time I did so I don’t have any poor memories of it. It’s a solid Assassin’s Creed game. The city is one of the most impressive they’ve ever done and it’s one of my favorites to free roam in. The reason it’s so low is I just wasn’t really gripped by the story or characters. It wasn’t bad, just not memorable.

    10. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate: I can appreciate Syndicate for what it is and how unique it is. The city is unlike anything else in the series and the zipline is fine as a one game gadget like the hook blade was for Revelations. This game suffers from the same issue as Unity where the story and characters aren’t as memorable as the games above it.

    11. Assassin’s Creed: The one that started it all! A fun game that’s a must play for fans, but it isn’t as fun or smooth to play as any of the others above it. The story is one of the best in the series though and I love the mythology this game started.

  23. In my opinion I think assassin's creed unity was the most fun

  24. Unity to me is an almost perfect AC definitely top 5. The movement, the setting, the tools, the server bridge missions (and the amazing settings those had), multiplayer (coop/online. People forget that you could play with friends and go on heist and missions), being able to customize Arno’s outfit with lots of different options. The story was fun to play, the side missions weren’t too bad. The only bad thing about Unity are the glitches. If it didn’t have that it would be a perfect AC imo.

  25. I loved origins but after that it was just playing as random dudes in some historical setting. I wanna see more creed v Templar playing as an actual assassin. Not like odyssey where it’s before the assassins were founded and the only tie in is a staff that happens to be a piece of Eden.
    Or like Valhalla where you’re a random person that runs into an assassin that broke a rule and just up and a gave a non assassin a hidden blade for no reason.

  26. ac unity is a shitty game to me for its fighting movements

  27. I’ve just bought syndicate and it’s my first foray in to the AC world. The rendition of Victorian London is amazing. If this is one of the worst games then I can’t wait to play the best.

  28. Unity is and was hot trash and revelations is universally laughed at.

    All of these throw cope reviews just tell you how terrible to new one's are when sober people are goin back and singing unitys & revelations praises lmao.

  29. No matter how many new AC coming out, AC the Ezio collection is for always my favorite☺️

  30. I agree with your list for the most part other than revelations and brother hood they're a little lower on mine

  31. I don't like the new games that have the lvl system

  32. Guys who would u like to be with:

  33. Omg Brotherhood was my first game and it was an awesome experience glad to see it at number 1

  34. feels like a lot of nostalgia bias but no hate or anything

  35. Don’t gotta watch this video we all know black flag will forever be the best

  36. been playing these since they dropped I don't even consider origin's and everything after it a AC game they are trash

  37. Hahahahahaha,,,,,You put the Assassin's Creed Odyssey in the end? You are so terrible…hahahahaha….Dislike definitely

  38. You put in the end AC Odyssey (2nd most popular AC), 7th Origins (3rd most popular AC) AND 6th the most popular AC? You are so terrible…Just stop play this game…It's not for you.

  39. this is a ranking video and you start it off "im not gonna explain why"
    you expect me to watch your other videos or somthing cause im just gonna check somewhere else and not remember you.

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