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Which game has the best Destruction?

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Which game has the best Destruction out of these Battlefield games? Let me know in the comments, thank you! #shorts #battlefield


  1. He had to go find something destructible in bf2042 Kappa

  2. BF2042 is really good when there is destruction. Unfortunately, there is basically none

  3. Bfv is good. But bf1 blowing details is lil better

  4. Gonna have to say 4 because you could actually break down concrete with your gun

  5. Dont know about the question. This BF1942 tho….

  6. Gets better and better then 2042 hits and just fumbles

  7. Only bf4 and bf5 had dynamic destruction. Every other is static, always the same.

  8. BFV had such realistic debris effects but nothing beat the terror of BF3/4 when you would hear and feel the building beginning to tremor around you just before you are crushed like a bug 😂

  9. BFV. I wish they didnt give up on the game cause its actually solid now. Id place bf1 second. That game wad solid even at release. I remember playing the beta. Even the beta was so much fun. Really got everyone a taste of what was to come and boy was it fun.

  10. dude found the only building in bf 2042 that actually blows up lol

  11. Where did you find a building that has destruction in 2042😂

  12. Thing is, making environments far too destructible means end of tve match most maps are flat wastelands which you can’t and wouldn’t really fight with for. Toning down a little destruction guarantees cover, spaces and a realist (although slightly obstructive) look to the map when it ends. I think this is why bf1 is considered good. It is content and also regulates the amount of destruction players Can output

  13. Bfbc2 I love destroying mcoms by blowing up houses with c4

  14. I believe battlefield 2042, but the Portal maps. Many won't agree

  15. This game was the best one ever hands down. Loved it.

  16. I think the destruction in real life looks more believable

  17. BF2042 for destroying the entire franchise.

  18. Деталей разрешения все меньше и меньше

  19. Bf2042 literally got the worst out of all of them

  20. BC2 and BF3 utilized the destruction the best imo. Being able punch a hole in a high floor on a building and get in it using a beacon and then placing on in their felt REALLY impactful.

  21. It's all so beautiful 😍 bfbc2 they were the days that's where I fell in love with the bf franchise..

  22. Bf4 and Bf1 are still the best battlefield games

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