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Would You Let The Zombie In?

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  1. The only time you would win more than 100 dollars from a scratch ticket is during a zombie apocalypse

  2. classic gaming vibes , dont start trying to do smart stuff until your friend is dead

  3. Is there more to this movie or no I need to know

  4. Am i the only one mad that the thumbnail wasnt in the video

  5. I am not letting her in bro she gonna clap me she gonna have a meal better then McDonald

  6. Yes And im no Pervert And I know What all Perverts Will Do Let The zombie With Huge Boobs and Kill it and Maybe Do Have Sex With it Or Some Naughty Things Like Check Its pp Or Fuck with It Untill he Gets tired Or Try To not Rot It Cuz It Has Huge Boobs

    (Educational Purpose)

    (Based On a True story Me and My Friends)

    (Only a Joke

    (Dont read This If you get offended Easily If your a Pervert)

  7. So Mickey was literally the only idiot in the whole movie

  8. 🧐Y not shoot someone after they die? Now ur not a murderer. Unless u hate them, than this is the perfect time 2 act on those feeling.
    ¯⁠⁠_😅_⁠/⁠¯ I have no choice🖕💥

  9. Whats the Name of this movie 🤗 wanna see it

  10. I mean, if there is evidence to support the idea of zombie children, hell yeah, let her in for science.

  11. My guy photoshopped the thumbnail, clickbaits and the vid sounds like it was made by chatgpt

  12. the thumbnail and title is just mid, even the movie is shltty.

  13. yes I would let the zombie in. I MEAN I WONT FUUUCK I CANT HOLD THE FUCKING URGE

  14. What’s the name of this movie?

  15. The zombie in the thumbnail. Yes yes I would let in. And yes… I would.

  16. Moral of the story, when in Rome 😂😂😂

  17. I litterally thought I was the only person to really like this movie it's great it gets some deserved exposure

  18. yes and i would clap some zombie cheeks iykwim 😳

  19. your voice is so monotone i disliked the video

  20. If the zombie is like in thumbnail, then yes I will let them in.

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