Xbox One Best Games Accolades -

Xbox One Best Games Accolades

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With blockbuster exclusives and brand new franchises, the best games are on Xbox One right now — and there’s more to come.


  1. Halo, the only reason I wanted an Xbox and now i'll pay 500 bucks just to play it again

  2. This music says it all. Xbox One is here. The revolution's on.

  3. Whats this song called. The first one that started off.

  4. For everyone asking the song. Sadly Microsoft remixed it for this video. its not out anywhere. the original comes out in a nissan commercial. but this is a remixed version just for microsoft.

  5. Microsoft went on a money spending spree to buy exclusives after their TV reveal disaster.. 

  6. Meyal gear solid would be the easiest game. For just 3 hours I can finish the game

  7. I recently got an xbox 360, but now I want the xbox one

  8. Hey Xbox The Xbox one is working without a internet

  9. To be honest froza is the best racing game francise!!
    Than any other game!!

  10. The best games are on xbox one?? what im sleep

  11. Omfg ive got all elder scrolls and they finally make one online…YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  12. almost 7 years
    and the clean hi-fi version of this song doesnt appear

  13. Why games presented in 2013 for Xbox One look so much better than those presented in 2020 for Xbox Series X?

  14. What happend with that Halo? At the begginin of the video. Someone explain me pliz

  15. i’m sorry, but this isn’t the original .. came looking for this to show someone, and some of the clips are off
    i’m sure i have the original somewhere on file too 🤔

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