Yes... this animation is actually in the game -

Yes… this animation is actually in the game

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Atomic Heart robot twins are vicious



  1. "Yes its really animated like this" like its a new game

  2. This looked like such a promising game. It's really a shame how it turned out.

  3. I didn't sign up for this thumbnail

  4. It's like if a Bollywood director decided to make video games

  5. Yup, the devs of this game are definitely well versed in the ways of the internet.

  6. Imagine they had something like this in the 70's or something. People would have lost their minds.

  7. This game is the reason people have dirty minds

  8. Thumbnail: POV You've Been STEP By Russian MILF

  9. … literally all you did was nothing more than simply show a cutscene though?
    “yes they actually animated this game”.
    Like… yeah? That’s kind of what you do with video games?

  10. That explains why i caught my friend masturbating at my airfryer

  11. Isnt it just so convenient that she didnt slash with either of her weaponized hands while he was literally helpless to stop her? Man that teally makes me care about the stakes.

  12. 99% people are simping for them after seeing that

  13. damn, my guy walks off broken bones like it was Mortal Kombat

  14. seriously why people like sexualizing women so much? these are ROBOTS, what the hell is wrong with males.

  15. trust and believe it's actually there.i played this game and men it's amazing asf lol

  16. Literally kicked her ass tho. Like actually kicked it.

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