You Got The Best Star Wars Games Ever! -

You Got The Best Star Wars Games Ever!
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  1. He's fixing the 2nd price market. Very hard task he's taken on

  2. Dkoldies , please address the refurbish controversy, I've seen several video where yall claim refurbished systems yet , they aren't even cracked open .

  3. If that’s cosmetically flawed then the “good” n64 I ordered must have been actually dumpster condition.

  4. how no one talks about ordering the absolute banger NFSU2 is

  5. Since we’re filming your order, I’m gonna throw in an actual OEM controller lol

  6. bro got sent two crappy 3rd party controlers and then a 1st party for it beong filmed, like bro give a first party controler with every order, so cheap

  7. Was it overly priced and not refurbished like everything else you guys sell? Lol

  8. Fun fact: that dualshock controller was the same I used a lot when I had my ps2 because I found it amazing to see all the components of the controller and how the y worked inside the controller

  9. Since your order got chosen to be filmed. we are actually choosing consoles without 20 years of dust built up inside that we promised to clean in our product description, don't forget DK sticker of quality assurance that if you remove we won't allow your return.

  10. Since your order got picked we are doubling the price

  11. Surprise it wasn’t a 3rd party controller

  12. Knowing DKOldies prices that was probably $1,500

  13. Somebody got their tax return, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Even though I wouldn't buy from dk oldies, I love these videos, especially because of Joey

  15. Since your order got picked to be filmed, I'm throwing in a rare Joey figure.

  16. Did anyone notice that he originally gave 3rd party controllers for both consoles then as the gift he gave him a actual sony branded ps2 controller?

  17. Since your order got picked to be filmed? I’m throwing in deathsticks.

  18. lol bestttttt shop ever, I envy this shopppppp

  19. I got a “cosmetically flawed” GameCube from dkoldies and it was such a POS. Lid wouldn’t shut, had two different shades of indigo, and the open button was clearly broken. Don’t do it!

  20. They should be coming with the regular control for the price you're selling it the console for

  21. And since your order got picked to be filmed I'm throwing in this carton of spoiled milk!

  22. Andrew from Washington.. let’s track him down

  23. Since your order got picked to be filmed we're going to throw in our warranty sticker on your unopened console!

  24. that was a good gift, but Maybe a Memory card was better

  25. Joey thinks he has friends by giving him an extra Controller 💀 ☠️

  26. everytime i see someone order more than one console on here my mind always wanders about that person, it must be someone making a lot of money like a surgeon or a stock broker 😂

  27. I don’t know why everyone trips about the price. This company finds quality products that are not made anymore makes sure that they work properly and makes sure to have the availability to continue selling to customers all our favorite retro games. He has a team and himself and his family to pay for. So these major companies can be greedy but he can’t make sure his business stays afloat that’s just crazy. He also recognizes his customers and his mistakes does the best of his ability to fix issues as quick as possible and give us great entertainment. So maybe if you guys think you can do better prove him his staff and all of us you can if not go comment on your on flaws and on issues. 👍🏾💯 Let’s think about consumers buying Ps5’s for 400-500 and flipping it for a grand or higher but I guess it’s ok to do that ?

  28. Your paying lots of markup for the warranty I'm guessing

  29. Since you got pick I got a chip Xbox for you 😂

  30. They should learn to pack their stuff better

  31. You grape customers I can’t believe you have a single sale how dare you

  32. Horrible . Selling refurbished consoles that are disgusting. You deserve to go out of business. Only reason why people buy is because of being desperate or they wanna trash your company.

  33. should use the force to tell us why yall market products as “refurbished” and selling them for a whopping 300$ – 400$.
    not to mention thats also with a 3rd party accessories and not the original lol 💀 please explain

  34. You don’t even put original controllers with console bundles. Fake marketing

  35. i went to the website and added everything up. all the games together was $169.93 (Hit And Run for the PS2 is an outrageous price). the cosmetically flawed Xbox was $199.99, also outrageous for its condition. the PS2 Slim silver was $244.99. add it all up and this poor soul's total was $614.91. 💀

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